Our Team

Craig Gunckel

Chief Executive Officer for Iconex

Joined RiteMade July 2017

Craig Gunckel is the Chief Executive Officer for Iconex. Craig brings over 25 years of expertise in the paper, packaging and retail industries and has a proven track record of helping companies reach their full potential through growth and innovation. Craig most recently served as President, Enterprise Solutions for WestRock. Throughout his 20+ year career at RockTenn and WestRock, Craig held a variety of executive leadership roles including leading both their merchandising displays and folding carton businesses. Craig currently serves as a board member for Wake Forest University Business School, Krannet School of Management at Purdue University, and the Atlanta Area Boy Scouts. Craig earned his BA in organizational leadership from Purdue University.

Todd Whitaker - President

Todd Whitaker


Joined RiteMade September 1989

Todd Whitaker holds the title of President at RiteMade. He attended Fort Hays State University receiving a degree in Vocational Education. His background includes twelve years experience in retail management and construction with companies such as K-Mart and WalMart and in positions including Management Trainee, Store Sales Manager, and Store Manager. Previously, he has held the positions of Warehouse Manager, Plant Manager, and Vice President - Manufacturing with RiteMade.

Brian Burns - VP

Brian Burns

Vice President and General Manager

Joined RiteMade September 1994

Brian Burns, Vice President and General Manager, has 22 years of service to Ritemade.  With experience ranging in administration, sales and, most recently, Corporate General Manager, Brian has proven himself as a key leader for operations, technology infrastructure and efficiencies and growth management.     Brian holds bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration and Organizational Management from St. Mary’s College.

Tim Barger - CFO

Tim Barger

Chief Financial Officer

Joined RiteMade February 2008

Tim Barger holds the title of Chief Financial Officer. He has a BS from Emporia State University in Business – Accounting and, while serving as the Corporate Manager Purchasing and Accounting for RiteMade, earned his MBA with an accounting concentration and has recently completed his CPA certification. Tim is known as a hard working employee and for his ability to take on new challenges. Through the last few years of RiteMade’s rapid growth his contributions to the purchasing and finance departments have been significant.

Bob Blefko

National Director of Sales and Marketing

Joined RiteMade July 2016

Bob Blefko holds the title of National Director of Sales and Marketing. He has a BS in Business Management with a minor in Marketing and is also a graduate of the Executive Development Program at the Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania. Bob's entire professional career has been in manufacturing with both domestic and international companies. His experience includes acquisitions, strategic planning and the coordination of sales strategies. At RiteMade, Bob is responsible for coordinating the company's sales and marketing efforts.

RiteMade - Tim Moriarty, Vice President Sales Eastern United States

Tim Moriarty

Vice President Sales Eastern United States

Joined RiteMade September 2008

Tim Moriarty holds the title of Vice President Sales Eastern United States. He has a BS from Southern New Hampshire University in International Business Management. Prior to joining RiteMade, Tim spent more than 15 years selling specialty coated papers and films in the converting industry and held the titles of Area Sales Manager and Business Development Manager within the industry. With RiteMade, Tim previously held the position of Northeast Region Sales Manager.

RiteMade - Mike Cavender, Corporate Credit Manager

Mike Cavender

Corporate Credit Manager

Joined RiteMade October 2011

Mike Cavender holds the title of Corporate Credit Manager. He has a BS in Business Administration from the University of Kansas. Most recently he served as President of Cavender & Associates, Inc. Mr. Cavender has extensive experience in all phases of business operations including managing accounts payables and receivables, credit and collections, maintenance of financial records, bank and vendor negotiations and preparation of financial statements. Mr. Cavender also served on the RiteMade Board of Directors for several years. He is an avid KU sports fan.

RiteMade - Stephanie Bullock, Assistant General Manager

Stephanie Bullock

Assistant General Manager

Joined RiteMade May 1995

Stephanie Bullock holds the title of Assistant General Manager. During her time in the United States Air Force she completed her AA in Business Administration. With RiteMade, she has held various titles including Warehouse Manager, Sales Support for the Colorado Division and Administrative Manager in Kansas City. She currently manages pricing, order entry, invoicing and reception. Along with her staff, Stephanie is responsible for many of the corporate functions that support the outside sales staff and she continues to improve internal processes to support RiteMade customers.

Chad Snoddy - Customer Service Manager

Chad Snoddy

Corporate Manager of Customer Service and Marketing

Joined RiteMade December 2007

Chad Snoddy holds the title of Corporate Manager of Customer Service and Marketing. He has his Bachelor degree in English from the University of Kansas and, prior to joining RiteMade, Chad worked for a California based safety related company where he held several titles including Director of Administration. Chad works with the Dedicated Customer Support Specialists to set the customer service standards, personally handles many of the DCSS and sales staff questions, updates the website, and works with the Sales & Marketing team to create marketing materials.

Laura Warren - Corporate Strategic Pricing Analyst

Laura Warren

Corporate Strategic Pricing Analyst

Joined RiteMade February 2014

Laura Warren holds the title of Corporate Strategic Pricing Analyst. She has a BA in Psychology from Truman State University. Her background is in the telecommunications industry, where she served as Customer Service Manager and Operations Manager. She began at RiteMade as a Dedicated Customer Support Specialist (DCSS) and has handled both the West and East coasts. Laura is now responsible for analyzing and pricing complex customer requests, as well as identifying sales trends.

RiteMade - Timo Aranjo III, Corporate Purchasing Manager

Timo Aranjo III

Corporate Purchasing Manager

Joined RiteMade May 2014

Timo Aranjo III holds the title of Corporate Purchasing Manager. He received his BS in Physical Science from Kansas State University. His previous Purchasing and Supply Chain related experience includes manufacturing, merchandising and direct to customer sales in the rail, cargo handling, hunting & sports optics and automotive industries. Timo, and the Purchasing Assistant, buy almost everything that RiteMade uses. Outside of work, Timo enjoys spending time with his family and learning foreign languages with his four boys or reading history books.

RiteMade - Peggy West, Assistant Purchasing Manager

Peggy West

Assistant Purchasing Manager

Joined RiteMade May 2013

Peggy West holds the title of Assistant Purchasing Manager. Before coming to RiteMade Peggy was a Senior Buyer and Parts Department manager for seven years at United Dairymen of Arizona.  Peggy, along with the Coporate Purchasing Manager, is responsible for purchasing paper, raw materials, parts and office supplies for all RiteMade locations. Peggy is also responsible for processing invoices and freight bills.  

Blake Hill - HR Manager

Blake Hill


Joined RiteMade July 2015

Blake Hill holds the title of Human Resources Manager.  He received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Kansas State University, majoring in Human Resources Management and a secondary major in Industrial and Labor Relations.  Blake received his Masters of Business Administration from the University of Missouri – Kansas City.  Blake’s background includes over 15 years of experience in Human Resources Management, primarily with Kansas City manufacturing companies, and four years of Operations Management experience with a heavy industrial company.  Blake also has experience with Safety Management and Regulatory Compliance with his previous roles in HR and Operations.

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