Phenol Free Thermal Now Available

We know the safety of our products is essential and we understand that nothing can replace your customer’s piece of mind. As of January 1, 2014, RiteMade made the company-wide conversion to 100% BPA free thermal paper in all of our products. Today, as the demand for phenol free thermal paper slowly increases, we are happy to announce our phenol free line of thermal rolls – in stock and ready for your order.

To meet your needs, we are currently stocking the following styles in each of our three locations:

  • PF-220 [3-1/8” x 220’ phenol free thermal]
  • PF-230 [3-1/8” x 230’ phenol free thermal]
  • PF-273 [3-1/8” x 273’ phenol free thermal]

Each of these items are made to the same specifications as our other stock thermal rolls so the conversion from our standard stock items to these phenol free alternatives will be seamless.

Make sure to contact your sales representative today for pricing on this new and exciting item.

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