October 25th Thermal Market Update

October 25, 2017

Dear RiteMade Customer:

Since the time of our October 3, 2017 notification of the leuco dye shortage all thermal paper producers have announced a worldwide price increase. The allocations, instituted by the mills in September, remain in place. Despite these allocations, RiteMade remains confident we will not experience any supply interruptions to our current customers based on their historical purchasing averages.

While we continue to have full confidence in our ability to manage our inventory and protect your supply, we will have to pass along the pending mill increases. In addition to the multiple paper increases we have received in 2017, other input costs have risen as well. Corrugated materials, for example, have increased 18% and we have seen increasing transportation costs throughout the last several quarters. We understand the difficulties that an inflationary market causes and are doing our best to mitigate the impact to our customers. Your sales representative will be contacting you with the exact timing and amount of the increase.     

We will continue to update you as additional information is available and you can always find the latest market information at www.ritemade.com . 

Best regards,


Brian Burns
Vice President & General Manager

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